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FlexaTrac™-DME is an excellent solvent for many applications. Ascend offers several grades and mixtures of FlexaTrac-DME, ranging from highly purified grades to specific mixtures of two or three ester components.

FlexaTrac-DME (dimethyl or dibasic esters) is a clear, 无色, low-odor liquid produced by reacting methanol with streams of adipic, glutaric and succinic acids and then separated via fractionation.

FlexaTrac-DMEs provide attractive alternatives to other solvents:

  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • 可生物降解的
  • High solvency power

Ascend's dimethyl esters meet the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s standards for inherent biodegradability.

Application end uses

  • Paint and coatings
  • Solvents, cleaners and strippers
  • Plastic additives and plasticizers
  • 灌浆
  • 印刷油墨
  • 铸造用树脂
  • Quinacridone pigments

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NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week

NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week