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Hybrid and electric vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles

Ascend’s e-range solutions will help you go farther in e-mobility with:

  • Innovative materials solutions
  • Global manufacturing
  • Global technical expertise, CAE and applications development support

Our innovative material solutions will help you design a safe power infrastructure, reliable thermal management systems and a secure and comfortable ride for passengers.

Our broad engineered plastics, functional fibers and specialty chemicals portfolio, combined with our global manufacturing, technical expertise and applications development support will help you go farther in e-mobility.


Lightweighting and metal replacement solutions help hybrids and EVs get the most out of batteries. By making the vehicle lighter, while also absorbing the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) from the road, Vydyne PA66 solutions reduce range anxiety and ensure a more comfortable ride.


The high-voltage necessary to run hybrid and electric vehicles takes its toll on connectors and switches, often causing corrosion. With several grades tested against the highest electrical requirements, Vydyne PA66 handles high-voltages well, ensuring hybrids and EVs run for their intended lifecycles.


With years of use in electrical and electronic applications, Vydyne PA66 surpasses many of the strictest electrical safety tests. With flame-retardant grades designed to stand up to high temperatures, Vydyne PA66 keeps drivers and passengers safe.