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The cooling fan is a critical component in the cooling system. 的刚度, dimensional stability and temperature resistance help maintain the positioning of the fan blades to provide optimum performance. The natural damping characteristics of the Vydyne PA66 help eliminate vibration that leads to NVH issues. Also, the chemical resistance of the PA66 eliminates problems with typical automotive chemicals.

Ascend’s Vydyne R860 is ideal for this application because of its superior stiffness and temperature resistance. 另外, Vydyne R533H and R530H bring to the application an optimal balance of stiffness, damping characteristics and chemical resistance for engine-driven fans. And Vydyne PA66 resins can be more cost effective than competing resin systems. The Ascend automotive team used mold flow analysis and years of cooling fan experience to create optimal parts for Ford,® General Motors® and Chrysler.®